Here are two dozen suggestions from our library. There are two main groups with twelve in each: "not seen by us" and "seen by us." Links are to Ebert reviews where they exist.

How about making a first pass by eliminating those you'd prefer to not see that evening? We'll do similarly, and repeat until we narrow the list down to just a few.

BTW, the only "real" holiday movie in the list is (of course) "The Holiday," seen by Anne and only partially seen by us (separately).


Not seen by us:



The Fall

(Two Charlie Kaufman-written titles)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Human Nature

In Bruges

The Holiday

Indian Summer

The Jane Austen Book Club (BD)


Me Myself I

Things We Lost in the Fire (BD)


Seen by us, but not recently: (all reviews in this group are 3.5 or 4 stars)

Cousins An American remake of "Cousin, Cousine"

Dean Spanley A true "shaggy dog" story; very quiet, like "Lost in Translation" (but not similar)

Inception (BD) Will be available in December; may not be to your liking, but I agree with Ebert that it's an amazing experience

Off the Map I love Joan Allen.

Proof No math required; a great Gwyneth vehicle

The Red Violin

(Two Merchant-Ivory period pieces)
Remains of the Day
A Room With a View

Searching for Bobby Fischer

To Catch a Thief (An oldie-but-goodie I always forget we have)

Trouble in Mind If you like Alan Rudolph movies, this is one of his best; not like Kaufman, but strangely interesting

The Upside of Anger Another Joan Allen favorite