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This directory contains all of the ASSIST distribution tape files.
The information below is extracted from the file ASDISTRB and describes
each of the files, with the exception of ASOBJ4A2 (which apparently is
the object output from assembling the most current source).

                                          M. Stack
                                          July 1998


     The following describes the files on the distribution tape (9-trk,
800 BPI, unless otherwise requested.  All files contain 80-byte card-
images, in 3200-byte blocks.  Most of them can be manipulated using the
IBM utilities IEBPTPCH, IEBGENER,  and  IEBUPDTE.   Some  of  the  files
containing documentation require  the  use  of  the  COPYED  program  to
convert them from their  given  form  to  easily  printable  form.   The
description of the COPYED program is given separately.

     In the following list,  all  files  were  created  with  a  DCB  of
DCB=(RECFM=FB,LRECL=80,BLKSIZE=3200) unless otherwise  noted.  The  TYPE
heading is one of the following:

     SOURCE    source deck, S/360 Assembly Language.
     OBJECT    object module for S/360 system.
     TEXT      documentation file,  containing  80-byte  sequenced  card
               images, with text material in columns 1-72.   New  pages
               are indicated by a comma in column 1,  with  2-72  blank.
               Unless otherwise noted,  contains  lower  case  letters .
               May be converted and printed by the COPYED program.
     JCL       Job Control Language and other cards

 #    DSNAME             # cards
 1.  COPYEDSO  SOURCE      290     COPYED source program. used to
          make multiple copies and perform some editing of text files.

 2.  COPYEDOB  OBJECT       32     COPYED object module.


 3.  XMSYSGEN  TEXT        400     describes how to add XMACRO package
          to system macro library.

 4.  XMWRITES  TEXT       1200     contains some writeups on the
          individual macros and their usage.

 5.  XMACDEFS  SOURCE     1350     XMACRO macro definitions. file is
          built for easy library additions, with IEBUPDTE ./ ADD cards.

 6.  XMSOURCE  SOURCE      800     XMACRO service subroutine source
          programs, with ./ ADD cards betweeen modules used to place
          them in source library for later assembly.

 7.  XMACTEST  SOURCE      300     test programs for various groups of
          of the X-MACRO macros and routines.
 8.  ASDISTRB  TEXT        900     distribution writeup

          describes ASSIST internal conventions and structure; give data
          for modifying ASSIST and generating versions with desired
          alternate combinations of features.  (NOTE: it is flagged as
          version 2.1/A: any changes are noted in this writeup).

          Describes language features accepted by ASSIST, extra debug
          and conversion instructions, deck setup and paramater options
          for running jobs, list of messages.  This (or part of it), is
          what  would be distributed to student users. The last part
          (ASREPLGD) is the Replacement User's Guide.

     ** Following 6 files together make up the ASSIST source program,
     with specific sequence numbers given as first information      **

11.  SOURCE1   SOURCE     4100     00001000-3748000 : all macros, global
          DSECTs, EQUs, SET variables needed for any ASSIST assembly.

12.  SOURCE2   SOURCE     6300     03750000-08563260 : main program,I/O
          and conversion modules, interpreter, etc. Includes the only
          modules having any system dependent code (ASSIST - main prog-
          has only I/O - may include QSAM, BSAM, BPAM), (XXXXPSIE - has
          only SPIE/ STXIT).

13.  SOURCE3   SOURCE     8400     08564000-21006260 : contains the
          basic ASSIST assembler module, assembler control table.

14.  SOURCE4   SOURCE     1500     30000000-32924000 : contains the
          modules of the ASSIST Replace Monitor.  Only needed if the
          SET variable &$REPL = 1 or 2.  Supports REPL, RFLAG= parms.

15.  SOURCE5   SOURCE     6300     40000000-67010000 : contains the
          modules of the ASSIST macro processor.  Only needed if the
          SET variable &$MACROS = 1  .  Supports MACRO=, and all other
          options pertaining to macro processing.

16.  SOURCE6   SOURCE     2200     80000010-89999999 : contains the
          module for the Assist Extended Interpreter along with a
          dsect used only by the new interpreter.  This is only needed
          if the set variable &$EXINT = 1.  This supports the XOPC

     ** next 4 files are 4 different object modules for ASSIST, 2 for
     OS/360, 2 for DOS.  storage requirements are for load modules,
     but not including required typical 50 bytes/statement assembled **
     ASSYSGEN decks used to create these modules are in ASMISCEL file.
     Note: OBJECTOA is assembled with the new interpreter included.  The
     other three object modules still use the old interpreter.

17.  OBJECTOA  OBJECT     1500     primary object deck: OS/360-type,
     Result of assembling all SOURCE# files with all options on, i.e.,
     gigantic version with all options enabled.  Generated for 360/65
     speed, but will run on 360 or 370.  Approx storage: 68K.
     NOTE: As of 4/75 this is assembled with the new interpreter on.
     The old interpreter has been excluded.

18.  OBJECTOB  OBJECT      800     minimal, but still usable OS/360
     ASSIST, effectively an assembler-interpreter with no extras. Uses
     1 reader, 1 printer; no punch, disk, or macro processing.  Options
     SSD, SSX .  Does not support privileged operations or S/370-only
     operations.  Generated for 360/65, but runnable on 360/370.  30K.

19.  OBJECTDA  OBJECT     1200      medium-large DOS/360 version,
          similiar to OBJECTOA with some options deleted.  Does not
          support  CMPRS, COMNT, object decks, 026 keypunch, S/370-only
          instructions.  Does not currently support macro library, but
          Time defaults, etc. generated for 360/40 .
          does have macro processor with open code conditional assembly.
          Allows 1 card reader, printer, punch, intermediate disk.
          Gen'd for 360/40, but runs 360 or 370.  About 50K .

20.  OBJECTDB  OBJECT      800      small DOS/360 ASSIST, i.e., like
          OBJECTOB, but with even more features deleted.  Does allow
          disk intermediate+ 1 card reader+ 1 printer. about 30K. This
          version should be usable in 40K total storage.

21.  ASTEST01  SOURCE     2100      A batch of test runs for ASSIST,
          consisting of programs with data, separated by $JOB cards.
          These are relatively short runs, and should be executed
          with a PARM field of BATCH,T=2,R=250 (model 65 speed). If
          run from this tape, use FREE=10240 or greater, for buffers.

22.  ASTEST02  SOURCE     6050      A batch of test runs, like ASTEST01,
          but longer jobs, typically final projects from beginning
          assembler courses.  For model 65, use BATCH,T=10,R=2000

23.  ASTEST03  SOURCE      700      A batch of test jobs used to
          illustrate the ASSIST REplace Monitor (see ASREPLGD for
          usage of this feature).  360/65:  BATCH,T=5,R=600 adequate.

24.  ASTEST04  SOURCE     6500      A batch of test jobs to display
          the macro processor of ASSIST.  The first set use only
          programmer-written macros, while the rest use macro library
          assumed to contain normal IBM macros.  for 360/65, use
          BATCH,MACRO=F  .  WARNING:  since ASSIST does all macro-
          processing in-core, it may be necessary to  run tests with
          the macro library using DISKU option, and in a large region,
          like 280K, due to size of IBM macros (particularly IHBERMAC).
          Consider using LIBMC to examine the library macros.
          May require T=20 for some jobs in this batch.

25.  ASTEST05  SOURCE      300      A batch of test jobs used to
          illustrate the new features of the Optional Extended
          interpreter.  Should be executed only if the installation is
          running Assist with the optional interpreter.  See ASUSERGD
          for usage of the XOPC instructions.  For 360/65 use BATCH,

26.  ASASSIGN  TEXT       13000     Collection of programming
          assignments, explanatory writeups, course outlines, etc in
          current use at PSU for  assembler&systems courses.  The
          assignments are well-debugged, having been used many times,
          and often contain alternate choices  to allow them to be
          used for several semesters.  Also includes (at end), well-
          documented useful sample programs:  EXCP, QSAM, BPAM, etc.

27.  ASUPDTES  JCL        1900      JCL, IEBUPDTE decks used to create
          3.1/A --> 3.1/B and 3.1/B --> 4.0/A
          4.0/A --> 4.0/A1   and
          4.0/A --> 4.0/A2  (current version)

28.  ASMISCEL  JCL        -         miscellaneous decks.
          First 4 parts are ASSYSGEN decks used to create object modules
          Also contains OS Link-Editor Overlay control cards

29.  ASMISTXT  TEXT       -         current list of ASSIST Users, misc.
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