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<pre> ASSIST (Assembler System for Student Instruction and Systems Teaching) is an IBM System/370-compatible assembler/interpreter developed in the 1970s at Penn State University. Originally, ASSIST was available only to universities and was implemented at over one hundred of them. In 1998, Penn State declared that ASSIST was no longer copyrighted and that the program was freely available. Neither Penn State University nor Northern Illinois University can or will provide support for ASSIST. You are welcome to use it, but with the understanding that any problems you encounter are yours to fix. M. Stack, NIU March 1998 The files normally here are: ASSIST.ZIP Penn State ASSIST Version 4.0/A2 of Dec 1975. This is all of the original distribution tape files (size = 1.33M) ASSIST.TAPE/ A directory containing all of the ASSIST files which are ZIPped into the above. ASDISTRB.TXT The Penn State ASSIST distribution memo ASUSERGD.HTML The ASSIST User Guide in HTML format ASREPLGD.HTML The ASSIST Assembler Replacement Guide in HTML ASSIST.JCL A job to assemble and link ASSIST as implemented at Northern Illinois University ASSIST.PROC The ASSIST JCL procedure currently in use at Northern Illinois University ASSIST.XMIT The above ASSIST program in its program library in TSO/E Transmit (IDTF) format. Upload this file to MVS as (DCB=(RECFM=FB,LRECL=80,BLKSIZE=3120) in binary, then RECEIVE INDS(ASSIST.XMIT) in TSO. XMACROS.ZIP The XMACRO and XMODULE redistribution. These are the files as used at NIU and may or may not work elsewhere. Source is included. ASSISTI.ZIP ASSIST/I, the PC version of ASSIST </pre>
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