ASSIST-V is "... a software tool designed for use in the teaching 
of operating systems, file management and machine architecture
courses. ASSIST-V is a program that provides an environment for
the implementation, testing and evaluation of systems software for
the IBM 360 series machines.  This capability is achieved by 
simulating all relevant aspects of the machine's architecture. In
particular, ASSIST-V simulates interrupts, I/O channels, and I/O
devices, as well as all IBM 360 machine instructions. In addition,
ASSIST-V provides extensive debugging and statistics gathering aids."

ASSIST-V was developed by Charles E. Hughes (
and Charles P. Pfleeger ( with support from
the National Science Foundation and the University of Tennessee,
Knoxville. This software is, in part, a derivative of ASSIST, the
IBM System/370-compatible assembler/interpreter developed at Penn
State University by John R. Mashey and others. Neither the authors,
the University of Tennessee, Penn State University nor Northern
Illinois University can or will provide support for ASSIST-V.
You are welcome to use this system, but with the understanding
that any problems you encounter are yours to fix.

Further information about ASSIST-V can be found in:
Hughes, C.E.; Pfleeger, C.P., "ASSIST-V: An Environment Simulator for  
IBM 360 Systems Software Development," IEEE Transactions on Software  
Engineering, Volume SE-4,  Issue 6,  Nov. 1978, 526 - 530.
(This article is also available here; see below.)

I am grateful to the authors for making this distribution possible.

                                                    M. Stack, NIU
                                                    January 2007
The files normally here are:

ASSISTV.TAPE/    A directory containing ASSIST-V Version 2.0
                 of August 1978.  This has all of the original 
                 distribution tape files (3.22MB)

ASSISTV.ZIP      A zip file containing all of the files in 
                 the above directory (815K)

ASVDISTR.HTML    The ASSIST-V Distribution Writeup in HTML format
ASVINTRO.HTML    The ASSIST-V Introduction in HTML format
ASVPLM.HTML      The ASSIST-V Program Logic Manual in HTML format
ASVUSRGD.HTML    The ASSIST-V User Guide in HTML format

ASVXAMPU.ZIP     The ASSIST-V examples translated to upper case.

IEEETSE78HughesPfleeger.pdf  The 1978 article from IEEE Transactions
                 on Software Engineering mentioned above (2.11MB)